27 Beauty Experts Reveal 3 Best Makeup Tools

Makeup can be quite an intimidating process for those who do not have the right tools or the knowledge.

I asked 27 Beauty experts and  bloggers a simple question:

“If you could only use 3 Makeup Tools  which 3 would you choose?”

3 Favourite MakeUp Tools (as voted by experts!)

  1. Beauty Blender
  2. Eyeshadow Brush
  3. Eyelash Curler

And when it comes to Make up tools, we find that there are hordes of them in different kinds and different varieties. Like every other industry, the makeup world also undergoes evolution and there are new products adorning the shelves, changing the way you look.

From beauty blender to multiple brushes, from curlers to tweezers, there is a whole world of makeup for you to explore. Here we will look at some top makeup tools that are must-haves in your bag.

Note: Answers are listed in the order they were received in:


  • Real techniques Stippling Brush: it blends almost all makeup including foundation, concealer, highlighter, blush, powder and what not! This is my absolute fav!
  • Sigma Eye Blending brush: It blends eye shadow, apply shadow on crease, can be used to apply highlighter!
  • Sigma Eye brow brush: If you are obsessed with brows then you have to have this brush!

  • BeautyBlender (exceptional for foundation application),
  • It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe No Tug Dual Eyeshadow Brush (4 eyeshadow brushes in one)
  • Kevyn Aucoin, Kevyn Aucoin Neo Powder Brush (it’s an exceptional brush for applying your bronzer and highlighter.

Pretty Connected

Lara Eurdolian

Pretty Connected

                If I could only use 3 makeup tools, my pick                          would be

  • Jade roller (to soothe puffy eyes, promote circulation and relieve headaches).
  • Makeup sponge (to apply foundation seamlessly).
  • Pair of tweezers to groom my thick eyebrows.


  • Makeup sponge- it’s versatile, it blends foundation amazingly.  Also helps in applying concealer, cream contour and highlight.
  • Eyeshadow brush- as I drool over a brilliant eye makeup.
  • Blending brush – as blending is really important for a flawless make up.



Beautifully Me

Clara Gomes
Beautifully Me

  • The first has to be a contour brush- These brushes are lifesavers, they can be used for powder, setting under-eye concealer, blush, highlighting and of course for contouring- great for multitasking!
  • Eyelash Curler- I like to curl my lashes everytime I’m going out and also when I’m working from home. This small tool has the ability to add instant glamour to your look. If you’ve small eyes I suggest never skip this tool.
  • The Original Beauty Blender- I still haven’t found any brush or sponge that can apply my Foundation with so much ease. I never understood what all of the hype was about until I bought my first one. I will never go back to a brush for my foundation and concealer.

             My first makeup tool I would choose is an

  • Eyelash curler. I use one everyday on my lashes as it always makes the eyes look more open and makes such a difference when you apply mascara on top.
  • My second makeup tool I would choose would be a beauty blender/makeup sponge. This helps foundation and cream products apply onto the skin like a dream and I wouldn’t be without it.
  • My final makeup tool would be a powder brush. This is one of the most versatile brushes as it can be used for setting powder, bronzer, blush etc.

           If I had to use only 3 makeup tools then they would be:

  • Beauty blender because nothing beats a well blended natural looking base.
  • A mascara/fake eye lashes because full glam lashes can change your entire look within minutes.
  • Red lipstick because well its red lipstick!

Vanity No Apologies

Anshita Juneja

Vanity No Apologies

  • Asian eyelashes and so couldn’t be without my lash curler to try and encourage a curl!
  • I love the Real Techniques sponge – better than the Beauty Blender in my opinion – which seems to apply just about any foundation seamlessly.
  • My last pick would have to be tapered brushes, I’m forever using them for eyeshadow, highlighter, blush – they’re my very favorite kind.


If I had to choose 3 makeup tools in my life my choices would be

  • Makeup sponge – nothing blends a foundation better than a sponge. It saves time too !
  • A small powder brush for quick application of powder, bronzer and blush.
  • Eyeshadow blending brush which can easily be doubled up as an applicator too.

Be Beautilicious

Shalini Srivastava

Be Beautilicious


  • Beautyblender — it’s my favorite tool for concealer, foundation (if I wear any), and any cream products.
  • Angled brow brush with a spoolie on the end — I like to keep my brows groomed, filled, and in check!
  • Small, tapered blending brush: my most used of all brushes, these are great for just about anything!

Keiko Lynn


Keiko Lynn


  • Beauty Blender – It’s small, easy to use and travel ready to blend and smoothen your liquid/cream foundations.
  • Blusher Brush – Doing it with your fingers won’t work. A brush makes it natural and gives the perfect cheek to flush coverage.
  • Eyelash extensions – For that instant makeover on your eyes, that’ll change your whole look


  • Cushion foundation
  • Mascara
  • Lip Tint.




My makeup tool needs are pretty basic, actually. But my top three are:

  • A random and generic eyelash curler that I use daily.
  • Two tiny eyeliner brushes that came with Maybelline Eye Studio liner — I don’t use the Maybelline pigments much anymore, but I love those brushes for applying shadow along my lash line.
  • Sonia Kashuk angled multipurpose brush that I’ll use for applying or blending powder.

Budget Fashionista


Budget Fashionista


  • Blending is key when it comes to applying makeup, with an eyeshadow blending brush I will not only be able to apply the eyeshadow to my lids but I will also be able to blend it out to give me that transition look.
  • A face brush can be used for many things as you can apply foundation, concealer and powder and also blend seamlessly.
  • My kit is not complete without a tweezer, as I am a hairy girl I will need to pluck the stubborn hair stubs from my chin area to get a smooth foundation application.


  • The Beauty Blender – this ones a good send, it really gets into all the crevices of my face and blends beautifully.
  • Shu Umera Eyelash Curler – Perfect for Asian eyes, gentle on the eyelashes and works great on my eyelash extensions!
  • Tweezerman Slant Tweezers – These are the tweezers to end all tweezers, they grab any offending hair, you’ll never want to use another tweezer again!





   So, if I could use 3 makeup tools in my life I would       choose:

  • Foundation brush to blend my base products because that’s important.
  • Blush brush, applying foundation without blush can make face look flat so adding dimensions is very important.
  • I’d choose Eyebrow brush because it will make my brows look amazing and enhance my overall look. It’s just so necessary for a lit face!
    Rest of all the makeup, I can manage through my fingers!


The Beautyholic

The Beautyholic

  • Beauty Blender – First & most important makeup tools for me is a beauty blender. A beauty blender is a multipurpose sponge you can use to conceal, cover, highlight contour, along with making your foundation look natural giving you the perfect flawless base for that stunning look.
  • Eyelash Curler – Next in this list is my eyelash Curler, which I just can’t go without. You can manage almost everything with your hands, substitutes, soft touches but not your eye makeup which completely enhances your overall look. Eyelash Curler instantly gives a dramatic look to your eyes making you appear more fresh, radiant and live. So for me that’s very important.
  • Soft Blend Kohl Brush – Last but not the least would be my soft blend kohl brush to give my eyes natural soft kohl outline look using my soft blend kohl brush because a makeup is incomplete without a Kohl. Even a light touch of kohl makes you look extremely gorgeous.



As far as I can remember, I’ve been a skincare maniac all my life. Now well into my 30s, makeup has become my new love as I’m learning and discovering more and more about its magical powers to transform and change my looks!

So obviously in a perfect world, I’d like to have all the tools and products at my disposal to do my entire face from start to finish. And this could translate to more than 2 dozen different brushes and makeup essentials to create a look. But if I’m to choose only three, here are three makeup brushes without which, I just can’t do my makeup:

  • A Medium Sized Face Brush: I need this to apply my face stuff (foundation & powder). And for this, I would prefer a split fiber brush with both natural (great for powder application) and synthetic fibers (cream application). This also works great as a power blending brush to finally finish off your makeup.
  • An Angled Contour Brush: Instead of a domed cheek brush, I’ve found that an angled contour brush works better if you have to use just one tool for multiple product applications. Besides contouring, this one works great for bronzer, highlighter, and blusher as well.
  • An Eyeshadow Brush: When I first used it, I was thrilled by how more I could accomplish with this tool. I use this for most of my eye makeup including all over eyelid application, shading and highlighting under the arch of my brow.

I guess the theme here is multi-tasking, so these are the three brushes that I think multi-task and therefore as per me are a must-have in your beauty arsenal.





  • Eyeline
  • Lipstick
  • Mascara


  • I’ll use a NARS blush stick and self-sharpening eyeliner, just to cut down on the time I have to spend.
  • That said, I absolutely need a foundation and concealer applicator. As much as I hate to spend $20 on something that looks like it was manufactured in China for less than $1, the BeautyBlender is kind-of amazing — the material truly does separate it from its competitors, and it is fairly durable.
  • For date nights and events, I also need eyeshadow applicators and an eyelash curler. It’s just not possible to put on eyeshadow without appropriate brushes, and the eyelash curler ensures my false eyelashes that I get put on professionally every 2-3 weeks are all pointed in the right direction.





  • A clarisonic . Clarisonic you ask?! Yes 🙂 The foundation brush head of Clarisonic blends foundation like a dream. Nothing can match it. On top of that, the sensitive or any other cleansing brush head, will help remove the last trace of makeup. This makes it a complete tool : Makeup + Skincare
  • Beauty Blender Pro : The black beauty blender is perfect for me- the pointy end of the egg shape allows precise application; the base is excellent for setting powder products. Most importantly, its gentle on my skin!
  • Zoeva 231 Petit Crease Brush : although this is a crease brush I can literally use it to apply all of my eye makeup. From brow highlighting, crease definition to even waterline smudging. One brush and you are set.


A blender eyeshadow brush, a contour brush and… my fingers! These are the 3 tools I only use anyway – as a makeup artist, a lot is by my fingers and I encourage women to use their (clean!) fingers to play around with makeup too. It’s still the best “tool”, in my opinion, for applying foundation, creams, and lip colors for a flawless natural look. A smudging eyeshadow brush will allow application for all types of eyeshadow, and of course, blend it so it looks the most natural, and a contour brush allows for precise definition along the cheekbones, which are a must for me


  • An Eyebrow & Lash Brush to perfect my brows and give them a natural look with proper grooming! You can always use a mascara for the lashes but eyebrows are really important part of the face so yes this brush is a must have for me!
  • A Powder Brush to blend all the makeup & loose powder products I use! You can apply the base and concealer with a beauty blender but to get a smooth finished look, you definitely need a powder brush!
  • An Eye brush for the crease area because that you cannot do just with your fingertips especially if you are into- cut- crease eye makeup! So a précised brush would be needed!





  •  A good set of brushes, sponges, and an eyelash curler in my kit.


Mary Helen Leonard



The 3 makeup tools I would keep and ditch the rest are as follows:

  • My E.L.F. Cosmetics blending sponge would be a keeper because I love the shape and softness! It’s large so it covers quickly because I’m guilty of putting my makeup on in the car quite often. A soft stroke can apply my cheek highlighter as well.
  • 2My Eco Tools double sided eye shadow brush is a keeper because I can use it for highlighting my nose, eye shadow application, and if I turn it just right, eye corner highlighting as well.
  • My third and last product has to be a lash brush for mascara. I haven’t gotten into false lashes because my natural lashes are long enough for a big impact.

If I didn’t have any fingers, this question would be even harder because my fingers still after my last resort makeup tool!


Nicole Mae



  • IIID Foundation from Maskcara Beauty! It’s pretty much the only makeup I wear on a daily basis I created it because I wanted to get coverage, highlighting, contouring and blush all in one! To save time, effort and to cut down on the layers of makeup on my face!
  • Eyelash extensions: This might not count as makeup but to me it TOTALLY does because it keeps me from having to wear liner and mascara which saves me so much time and I never have to wash all that gunk off at night.
  • Micro-bladed brows: Haha Again this is permanent makeup but I am ALL about finding ways to get out of that morning makeup routine! My brows used to be the most time consuming (and temper-mental) part of my makeup, now they look perfectly sculpted and finished all day long and even in the pool!





  • Beauty Blender sponge – helps blend my concealer for flawless application.
  • Sephora eyelash comb – great for separating lashes before and after mascara placement so I can use more coats for thicker, longer lashes.
  • Tweezerman slanted tweezers – still the class best for getting little brow hairs and strays around the mouth.

  • The Beautyblender – Why? Because nothing, absolutely nothing out there blends foundation so flawlessly the way the original Beautyblender does. You want an airbrushed finish out of any texture and formula? Gotcha. I have at least six new ones in stock at any given time.
  • Wayne Goss Brush 16 (the old black one) – Why? Meet the perfect concealer brush. You want full and creaseless coverage without tugging at the delicate under-eye area? Look no further. Unfortunately, this seems to have been replaced by another Brush 16, which is a white eye blending brush. Boo! I barely managed to buy a backup! Sephora Airbrush Concealer Brush 57 is a close dupe, though the Wayne Goss is softer and gentler.
  • Sephora Pro Sculptung Blush Brush 99 – Why? With this brush, you can get as subtle a flush as you would like, or pack on the colour. It is versatile enough for applying blush, bronzer/contour and highlighter – which makes it a great travel companion as well.

Makeup Tools Guide – How to Use and Clean it:

  1. Beauty blender:

Rea Ann, a makeup artist from Hollywood is the creator of this innovative product and it guarantees a professional look at home. It offers an even and a natural coverage over your face and it comes in the shape of an egg. You can use this egg-shaped pink sponge to apply cream blush, foundation, moisturizer or any other makeup element and get a flawless finish.

It is not just makeup that this sponge is used for. You can use it to apply your sunscreen, moisturizer and other skin care products too. Let us see how to use the beauty blender and maintain it.

How to use beauty blender?

  • The beauty blender when used has to be moist so that it can expand, and absorb your product to give an even coat on your skin. You can use warm or cold water or setting spray to dampen it.
  • Before soaking up the cosmetics, ensure that the sponge is completely squeezed and is only moist. Do it gently and do not wring it as it will spoil the product.
  • Now press this sponge on the makeup and dab it over your face gently. The pointed edge is for applying in smaller areas like under eyes, along the lips, etc.

How to clean beauty blender?

You can either get the specific liquid offered by Beauty Blender to clean the sponge or simply use an antibacterial soap to wash it. Just work the liquid or soap into the sponge, lather it and wash it with warm water. You can use baby oil to treat tough stains. Once washed air dry before storage.

  1. Eye shadow brush

Application of the eye shadow may not need you to be a professional, but you will definitely need the right brushes to do it. While application of the eye shadow can be done with your fingertips, the best results are possible only when you use the appropriate brush. You have to use different kind of brushes like stiff flat brush for across the lid, soft pencil brush for the lash lines and for corners, and dome brush for a smoother gradation. If you know which brush to use when, and you have the right color, you will have the best outcome.

How to use eye shadow brush?

  • To start with do not brush the eye shadow across the lid, but rather pat it over. This way you will have patches but a solid look.
  • Use slower and shorter strokes when applying eye shadow. Do not move your hand faster or make sweep the color around.
  • If you are using a highlighting color sweep it to the eyebrow, else do not apply till eyebrows for it will look over dramatic.
  • Use the right brush and in the right order to get a uniform application and ensure to use the right stroke in the same direction.

How to clean eye shadow brush?

For cleaning the brushes, use an antibacterial brush cleaner or even with simple water and soap. Once washed, use a clean cloth for drying it. It is essential to clean the brushes after every use to avoid tainting or mixing up the eye shadow colors.

  1. Eyelash curler

If you want to make your eyes look more prominent on your face, then you should definitely be looking at using eyelash curler. They are available at affordable range and are quite simple to use provided you know what you are doing.

There are two kinds of eyelash curlers, the traditional ones and the heated ones. The traditional model has a clamp that opens and closes pressing on the lashes to produce the curl. In the heated curler, you will be using a heated brush instead of a clamp running it from the base to the tip of the lashes. Let us now see how to use them.

How to use the eyelash curler?

  • Before using the curler, ensure that your lashes are clean of any prior makeup like mascara.
  • Now apply your eye shadow and the eye liner before using the eyelash curler.
  • Tilting your head backwards open the clamp and place your upper lashes closer to the base.
  • Hold the clamp tightly for about 30 seconds. You should not tug or pull or press harder as it will damage your lashes.
  • You don’t have to curl the bottom lashes.
  • Once you have curled you can now apply the mascara and other eye makeup. Never use the curler after mascara.

How to clean the eyelash curler?

  • Remove the pad and use a blow dryer to melt any dirt on the curler. Also wash the rubber pad in water.
  • Use rubbing alcohol on a makeup pad and wipe it over the curler after which rinse in water.
  • Lastly you can also use makeup wipes for cleaning.
  1. Multipurpose brush

Multipurpose Brush

The multipurpose brush lives up to its name of being one that can be used both over the eyes and on the eyebrows. You can either use it with the gel eyeliner to enhance the appearance of your eyes or you can simply use it to tame down the eyebrows. Whatever you use it for, it is definitely a must have in every woman’s vanity box. Again you would find that there are multiple different eye brushes like the small slanted or the fan brush that can be used in different ways. Each of the brushes for eye makeup is used for more than one purpose.

How to use multipurpose brush?

As mentioned above, the brushes are used in different ways. For instance the small slanted brush can be used for both lining your eyes and to tame down your brows, the brush has the right slant to follow the contours along your eyes. The fan brush on the other hand is yet another multipurpose brush that can help blending the harsh lines and also remove any errors that happens while doing your makeup like excess eye shadow that you want to remove without leaving blemishes. You can also add it to include slight color to your makeup.

How to clean multipurpose brush?

It is important that you clean your brushes after every use to improve their longevity.

  • Use slightly warm water to wet the brush and then use soft soap or brush cleanser to massage the brush tips.
  • Now rinse the bristles and use clean towel to squeeze out the excess water.
  1. Tweezers

It could be quite annoying and not so beautifying to see some random strands of hair anywhere on the face, however miniscule they are. When you are looking for the best face, then you need the best feature in every aspect from eyebrows to your chin. And these unwanted and separate hair strands can definitely bring down the beauty. Having tweezers can come in quite handy in these situations where you can just pluck the unwanted hair in an instant from anywhere like upper lips, eyebrows, chin, etc. As a onetime investment, these also save you the cost spent on threading or waxing.

How to use tweezers?

  • Before you start using the tweezers, ensure that you wash the area to be treated with warm water to make it soft.
  • When you are doing it on eyebrows, brushing them upward will help you to easily notice strays which you can cut with small scissors.
  • Swiftly pull the hair after placing the tweezers in position and pull them from the root.
  • Keeping the tweezers cold will help numbing the pain. You can keep them in the freezer which will keep them cold until use. While your skin should be warm, keeping the tweezers cold is the key for a painless procedure.

How to clean tweezers?

It is very important to clean your tweezers before storage. Take a cotton ball dipped in alcohol and wipe over the tips first. Then keep the tweezers in hot water for about 5 minutes. Now wipe it with clean cloth and store them wrapped in soft cloth.

  1. Eyebrow brush

Eyebrows are significantly important in your face and it is no wonder there are many tools and techniques available to enhance their beauty. If you want a well shaped and a well groomed eyebrow then you should be ready to invest some time and effort into different products and makeup tools. There are multiple kinds of brow brushes available, each serving a different purpose in keeping your eyebrow looking beautiful. The more common ones include the mascara brush, the spoolie, and the angled brow brush. Each of these brushes is shaped differently and is used for different purposes.

How to use eyebrow brush?

  1. To start with you need to choose brow filler that matches your desired look. With the angled brow brush, you can then use the powders to add more shape to the eyebrows and defining them. There is a reason why your brow brush is slightly angled and stiff. The tip of the brush is used for outlining and the angled edge for shading.
  2. Now with the spoolie, you can brush your brows upwards to get a uniform application. This will help ensuring a better blending of the brow filler.
  3. The mascara brush can also help you to provide you a shaped eyebrow by taming those unruly strands.

How to clean eyebrow brush?

Rinse the brushes with cool water and apply a brush shampoo. Now rinse it again and pat it with a towel to dry off the water. You can do this with any of the brow brushes and keep them clean for the next use.

  1. Mascara

If there is one thing that can make your eyes looking bright, then it is your eye lashes. Ensuring that they are darker and looking lengthy is the key to achieving that smoky eye look. And mascara helps you to obtain this look with ease. However many of us are uncertain using the mascara for the fear of poking our eyes accidentally. It is quite easy if you know the right technique. Another factor to take into consideration the kind of mascara you choose, like volumizing mascara for sparse lashes, lengthening mascara with short bristles for shorter lashes, etc.

How to use mascara?

  • Curling your lashes first will give you a better result for applying mascara. Also ensure that you are done with other eye makeup like eye liner before using mascara.
  • When removing the mascara wand, remove it by twisting back and forth so that the mascara is picked up evenly on all bristles. Slightly wipe off any excess onto the tube tip.
  • Now placing the wand at the base of your eye lashes, wiggle it up and down over your upper lashes first.
  • Ensure even coating across the lashes on all sides.
  • For the lower lashes use the tip of the brush to apply mascara.

How to clean mascara?

Wipe off any clumps with a tissue. Soak the mascara wand in warm water for about 15 minutes and use a shampoo to lather on the wand to remove the mascara. Now again rinse in warm water. Repeat this process again if there is still mascara sticking to the mascara wand.

  1. Blending brush

Blending is the key to getting the perfect eye makeup. However if you look in the market you will be surprised to find that there are a wide varieties of blending brushes in different shapes and sizes. And you might wonder if you need all of them or only one or two. It all depends on how you would like to do your makeup. For those who are laid back, the fluffy brush will be the best solution. However if you are someone who wants to get a different look every day, then you may have to invest in more tools than a simple fluffy tapered brush.

How to use a blending brush?

The blending brush is predominantly used to blend the eye shadow colors over your eyelids to give you the perfect look. It can also work as a concealer if the occasion demands so. You can either use it to blend multiple colored eye shadows or to ensure proper diffusion of the eye shadow into your creases near the eyes.  You can simply brush along your eyelids with the required color, in soft small strokes blending out the harsh lines providing you a neater look. Start always from the inner crease and move outward giving a fine stroke.

How to clean blending brush?

Irrespective of the blending brush that you use, you can simply use the same cleaning process. Soak the brush in lukewarm water and then rinse it with a little soap. Once you have rubbed it with the soap completely, you can then rinse it again in water until the brush is free of makeup.

  1. Powder brush

When applying your face makeup, the powders play quite an important role for they help setting any wet product into place. This is the reason why foundation and the concealer are often applied prior to application of powder. Powder helps setting them up and it also helps reducing too much shine on your skin. However applying loose powder is not a task to be done with bare hands. You need the proper tool which is where the powder brushes come in quite handy. The powder brush ensures that you reap the full benefits of the loose powder, giving your skin a suede velvety finish.

How to use powder brush?

  • The first step is to ensure that you have the foundation, SPF creams, BB creams or concealers that you want applied onto the skin. These are moist products which require the powder to set in place. Of course you can apply bronzer, blush, etc after applying the loose powder.
  • It is better to use a loose bristle brush first to apply the powder to your face.
  • Once you have it applied, you need to blend it for even application. For this you can use the Kabuki powder brush which is stiff to provide you the right look.

How to clean powder brush?

First rinse off any residual makeup from the brushes by running lukewarm water on them. Now use a little shampoo to rinse off any tough stains, gently lathering over the tips of the bristles. Finally rinse again under water and pat it dry before storage.

  1. Contour brush

It is the effort of every person to have higher cheekbones and make our jaw lines slimmer to give that most wanted slim face look. This is where contour comes into play giving the much needed definition to our cheekbones and our jaw lines. It also helps adding more dimension to our foreheads and help making our noses small and well defined. In fact contouring is also used to get a different shade than that of your skin tone, giving you a different shade and shape. It can help enhance your existing features making you look gorgeous than ever before if done right.

How to use a contour brush?

  • The first step in contouring is of course to choose the right shade and the right texture. You have to also choose either creamy contouring or powder contouring depending on the look you want to achieve.
  • You have to use the layering technique by starting with a lighter application of the contouring and do it only on places where you need highlight.
  • Starting from the middle of the ear, move towards your mouth, but stop in the middle of the cheek. Add more shades, depending on what you are really looking for. Avoid shimmery products for they may spoil your look.

How to clean a contour brush?

  • Run lukewarm water on your brushes to remove any makeup.
  • Now add a little shampoo and use your fingers to clean the tip.
  • Rinse once again in water and if there are still stains, repeat the steps.
  • Wipe the bristles with a cloth and let them dry on a cloth.

Eyes are the door to your soul and they are also the way to achieve the best look. When applying makeup to your eyes, the best way to make your eyes to stand out is to work on the eyelashes, eyeshadow and of course how you blend your entire face to match with the makeup.

While there are multiple products and tools, the best ones to enhance your eye makeup includes the eyeshadow brush, the eyelash curler and of course the beauty blender. With these three, you can be assured of getting any look that you desire for your eyes.

HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed to this post! Just a recap again.

3 Favourite MakeUp Tools (as voted by experts!)

  1. Beauty Blender
  2. Eyeshadow Brush
  3. Eyelash Curler

I would like to know your answers too! “If you could only use 3 Makeup Tools which 3 would you choose?”.

Please comment below! Cheers!


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