Best Fidget Spinners 2018 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Here we have listed 10 best fidget spinners available in the market.

Best Fidget Spinners 2018:

1. Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner

Spinners have indeed become the latest most addictive, ADHD toys in the market and the official Anti-Anxiety 360 spinner makes it even easier to take it anywhere in your pocket. It is not just meant for those who are suffering from anxiety issues, but it can also keep yourself calm and poised after a stressful day at work. Apart from being a stress reliever, the spinner is extremely helpful in improving the concentration of the person using it as well. It can be a good way to pass time with your kids, as you crown the winner as the Spin king.

• Easy and comfortable to carry around in your pocket.
• Gives you a spinning that lasts for nearly 4 minutes.
• Improves concentration while relieving you of anxiety and stress.
• As far as downsides go, there are scattered complaints of the product received being faulty in which case, the best approach is to go for a trusted retailer.


Review: The first factor that we look forward to in any toy is the ease of use, for kids are the main audience and the Official Anti-anxiety 360 spinner definitely wins that round. It is also meant to improve the concentration and helps your child to pass off some time without worrying over the upcoming exams or any other event. Additionally, the more spins on the toy means, that it will last for a longer duration and there is no cause to worry about durability. While it is a toy meant for the kids and their stress levels, it has been found equally compensating for the stress levels in adults too.

2. Spintech – Omega Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy

Are you having trouble with your kids’ fidgeting habit? Then the best solution is to get your kids a fidget toy like the Spintech Omega Tri-Spinner. They are among the first of the fidget toys to hit the markets, and it helps your kids to calm down instantaneously. Made of highly durable materials, and bearings in ceramic, the spinner is expected to give high quality and a premier performance in comparison to other spinners. The toy is ideal for not just kids but for anyone who suffers from anxiety, ADHD and for those who have to stay awake for long hours.

• No noise spinning, so that your hand is busy but your mind can focus.
• Simplistic design with ceramic bearings in the making.
• Longer spin times guaranteed with the outer bearing weighing more than the core.
• Quality of the plastic used in the making has raised some concerns.

Review: When you look for an affordable fidget toy for all ages, then you need not go further than the Spintech Omega Tri-Spinner. Made of ABS plastic for the build and ceramic bearings, the spinner toy does promise to be of the best quality. The spin lasts for a minute at its best and it is greatly suited for anyone who wants to keep their hands busy. However, the plastic used has been commented upon as not being highly reliable and neither is the assembly of the toy. And yet you would find positive comments from a fair set of customers on the same toy. Make sure to order from a reliable source to ensure a good quality.

3. EDC Fidget Spinner

Presented in interesting camo color combinations, the EDC fidget spinner definitely brings with it an easy and simple way to channel your anxiety and other stress issues. These pocket friendly spinner toys have become the fashion of the season especially for those who have anxiety or ADHD or generally stressful work environment. Even otherwise, it is found to help people concentrate on your work, channeling your energy into the thoughts, helping you be more focused. Also the product is not loud making concentration an easy feat. And if you practice well, you can get it spinning indefinitely for considerable lengths of time according to the manufacturer.

• Nice beautiful camo colors with many options to choose from.
• Smoothest rotation ensured by the high speed ceramic bearing in the center.
• Perfect for those who love to carry it around in their pockets and is completely noiseless.
• Unlike what is shown in the picture, the product is actually made of plastic. People have often felt deceived for the picture looks like it is made of metal.

Review: With many different color options to choose from, the EDC fidget spinner from Kangaroo promises to be one of the quietest of the fidget spinners in the market. It is completely made of plastic and yet the look is stylish that has got many doubting the material used. The spin can last indefinitely if you know how well to use your wrist and you are good at spinning the fidget toy to your advantage. It is also quite easy to use and can be very much discreet if you want it to be apart from bringing the fun element to the table.

4. Fidget Spinner Black Gold Street

If you recall the Fidgeteer did make a great entry and was well lauded for its performance and following in its path is the latest Fidgeteer Street, the Fidget spinner toy which comes with a pouch to carry it along. The spinner has a spin that will last clearly for two minutes and if you spin it well, it can last longer than two minutes too. The spinner is well balanced with customized bearings and the colorful frames make it look even more interesting. The design is such that you can do tricks while also helping you to lessen your anxiety.

• Well balanced spinner to use without letting it slip from your hand.
• Suitable for all age groups.
• Easy to carry around with the pouch.
• Simple to use with just two fingers.
• There aren’t any significant drawbacks attached to this fidget spinner. Please do ensure that you get it from a good source.

Review: With a one year warranty and a durable design, the Fidgeteer Street black is suitable for all age groups to get instant relief from fidgety hands and improve their concentration. The spinner toy is easy to carry in the pocket and can be used anywhere without worrying about indiscretion. The bearings in ceramic are of the best quality and are expected to last longer, and are encased in a plastic shell for them. Also the manufacturer guarantees that there will be no slow down for at least 2 minutes and if spun well, it will last longer too.

5. 360 Spinner Fidget Toy

Gone past are the days when you had to rely on the stress balls to keep your cool in a pressurized situation. The fidget toys have long replaced them and the 360 spinner fidget toy is probably among the best. A system based on tri-spinner, the object as you can obviously guess is triangular shaped and has a evenly distributed weight to guarantee a good spin. Not only is this toy good for dealing with anxiety, fidgety hands and ADHD issues, it can also help you focus and relieve you of boredom. It is considered much reliable than the other models in terms of the results.

• A spin can last anywhere from 1 to 4 minutes depending on how you do it.
• You can use either one hand or both according to your whim.
• Durable plastic frame with 3 outer bearings.
• The center bearing is not removable.
• It is not quieter in comparison to other similar fidget toys.

Review: From an overall perspective, the 360 spinner fidget toy does serve its purpose which is to keep your hands busy and also your mind so that you can focus on the spin rather than on the pressure. The bearings are durable and while there have been scattered criticisms on the durability, a wider audience has applauded the fidget toy for its longer lifetime. The only factor is the noise is quite audible and some may not feel very comfortable using it in public. If you are looking for using it alone at home or in your cabin, then it can really work out the best for you.

6. Oliasports Fidget Cube

A fidget toy which doesn’t just spin but provides you multiple ways to renounce stress from your daily routine, the Oliasports fidget cube can work whether you like to click, roll, spin or flick. A desk toy which is quite simple in design, and can be used anywhere, at work, at school or at home and at your convenience. Relatively smaller in design, the fidget cube is a stylish gadget that you can carry along with you in your pocket and it can be inconspicuous on your desk. It also helps you to focus on your work without getting stressed.

• Designed to be used as a flicker, spinner, roller and clicker.
• Plastic used is of the highest quality and the cube is easy to carry.
• Helps relieve stress and also keep you entertained and focused.
• The only downside that we can see is the scattered remarks on the quality of the material which brings us to the fact that you need to buy your product from renowned retailers.

Review: Made of plastic, that somewhat resembles that of the rubber in its flexibility, this fidget cube is quite a favorite for all ages and can be used at any place without fear of getting noticed. The gadget is multipurpose for it doesn’t just spin, but it can also be rolled, clicked or flicked, whichever helps you to keep from getting anxious. You have the option to either use it silently or with noise as per your discretion. Of course, ensure that you order it from a reliable source.

7. Giggle Hands Fidget Spinner Toy

The exciting red color is definitely bound to attract your attention, and the guaranteed spin of a minimum 1 minute spin is an added advantage, to this Fidget spinner toy stress reducer from Giggle hands. The bearings made of hybrid ceramic ensures that there is absolutely no noise as you spin the fidget toy and it also lasts much longer than the other similar ones. Also the toys are found to help the kids much more in improving their levels of concentration especially those who have Autism, ADD, ADHD or any other form of Anxiety disorder.

• Noiseless spin which means that you can use it anywhere.
• No hassles in cleaning or maintaining the spinner.
• You can spin with either one hand or both your hands.
• There have been quite a few comments on the quality of the item and the materials used for construction of this toy.

Review: Coming from a renowned brand like Prestige, you wouldn’t be surprised by the claim of the manufacturer that the toy is the ideal one for stress relief and is much suited for all age groups. There is no need for cleaning or maintenance and it is quite easy to use with one or both your hands. Having said that, the spin time is not very high and can be a disappointment to some. Also when you look at the mixed reviews, you might be slightly worried. One has to say that the quality is highly dependent on where you order it from.

8. Tri-Spinner Hand Fidget Spinner Toy

The Fidget spinner from Holisouse is made of ABS plastic known for being eco-friendly and also a material well known for its strength. Also the plastic ensures that the spinner toy stays durable for a considerably longer time. The center is made of hybrid ceramide, the chemical name for which is ZrO2 which ensures that it works without much effort and is silent as it spins. The spinner is said to spin for at least 3 minutes ensuring that you have the longest spin and also the longest fun. You can easily carry it around with you wherever you go.

• Additional bearings to increase inertia and give a longer spin time.
• Light in weight and easy to carry within the pocket.
• Non-irritant material and best suited for ADD or ADHD.
• The plastic cap on the bearing is not fit in very well and can be an issue while spinning.

Review: The objective of the Tri-spinner is to keep you from getting fidgety and this tri-spinner does that exactly without adding on more work in terms of cleaning or maintenance. There is no friction while the spinner is running and is quite easy to use. For the lighter weight, the fidget spinner by Holisouse is also equally easy to carry around in the pocket. There is no need to worry about the spinner causing any skin irritation for the material is anti-irritant. A noise free spinner which is durable with the construction and can help you with any kind of anxiety issues like ADHD.

9. Balai Glowing Fidget Spinner Toy

Camo colors have always been a favorite amongst all age groups and this spinner toy from Balai is definitely more than just a stress reliever. With the feature that allows the spinner toy to glow in the dark, the fidget spinner toy comes with ball bearing made of hybrid ceramic to ensure frictionless and a noiseless spin whenever and wherever you want. The spin time is further more increased with the weights on each of the ball bearings. And you practice well, you will be able to spin it for a longer period of time.

• A combination of metal and plastic which makes it sturdy and durable.
• You can even spin it on one finger with practice and makes for a great way to improve focus.
• It glows in the dark so you can use it anywhere, whether there is light or not.
• There aren’t any significant drawbacks to this spinner but there have been scattered complaints on the product not being of best quality.

Review: With plenty of color options to choose from, this glow in the dark Fidget spinner toy definitely gives you something different. It is made of both plastic and metal which vouches for its sturdiness and the bearings in steel with a hybrid ceramic ball which ensures that you have a spin that is not only noiseless and frictionless. The only complaint that you might have is on the quality of product delivered as per customer complaints. Make sure to order from the right place to ensure you get the right product.

10. D-JOY Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy

The color of the toy spinner, definitely takes you into the space, as inferred by the name, the Starry sky. There are multiple options on camo colors and it comes with high speed promised by the hybrid ceramic ball. The ceramic balls also make sure that the rotation is smooth and every spin is consistent again and again. The D-Joy Tri-spinner is made out of metal and yet it is quite light in weight. Also they are very silent in the spin and you can easily take them anywhere you go.

• A better consistent performance and noiseless spin.
• Centripetal force increased with the three steel bearings which further improve the spin time.
• Easily portable wherever you want to go and is very discreet.
• The center part is not fitted perfectly that you may have to fix from time to time.

Review: Noiseless spin and a smoother longer spin is what D-Joy Tri-spinner fidget toy is all about. Available in multiple camo colors, the fidget toy does its job well and the metal make helps the product to stay sturdy over a longer period of time. It can be easily spun anywhere, and at anytime without fear of disturbing anyone. These are small and quite discreet and can be taken around in your pocket. They are not just a great way to relieve your stress but they can also help you to focus on your task at hand. If you learn and practice well, you can even increase the spin times.

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